Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

How to Find, Compare and Add a Config File for CSGO

Updated: 5/7/2017

1. How to find your config file

First of all you need to know the numbers that is inside your trade url.


Navigate to your steam inventory -> Click on “Trade Offers” -> “Who can send me Trade Offers?” and then scroll down where you will see your trade url. Example url below:A steam trade url example for csgo


You now want to remember the number that is next to “partner=”.

Now when you know your trade url number navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/36296755/730/local/cfg where your config will be.


An image of where the config file is located for csgo


If you want to add a pro players config, you simply put the config inside this folder and overwrite the old one. 

Note: Every steam account has its own trade url and every account will be located C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata with its steam url number. So if you have many different steam accounts which you play csgo on and you want to have the same config on all of them. You will need to go to each one of these steam accounts, find the trade url and then add the config to these steam accounts as well.

2. Comparing configs

Let’s say you want to compare your config with a pros config. You can do this by downloading a plugin called “Compare” for notepad++. This can be good if you want to compare two pro players configs at the same time or if you don’t want the pro players whole config but instead add a few commands to your own.


An image of the compare plugin for notepad csgo


Compare plugin download:


We have also made a video demonstrating on how to do this on our youtube channel below:


Feel free to comment If you have any questions.