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Complete Guide On How To Optimize Your PC Like A Pro For Competitive CSGO 2018

Updated: 2018-01-10

We at esportsettings have created a complete guide on how to optimize your pc for competitive csgo and we hope you will find it useful. With tons of experience since 1.6 days, Global Elite in MM, 4000+ hours in CSGO, played in semi-professional teams and competed in various leagues. We want to share our knowledge with the csgo community.

Remember: This guide is focusing on the best performance as well as the lowest input lag, not how the game looks.

1. GPU Settings

1.1 Update GPU Drivers


One thing that can increase your fps significantly is to update your GPU drivers. If you build your computer you most likely know what GPU you have since you picked all the parts. But a lot of people buy their computers pre-built and may not know what GPU model they have. There is an easy way to find out what GPU model you have. Go to windows “Search” and search for “dxdiag”. A window will pop up, press “No” and then go to the “Display” tab where you will find the GPU model name.


Links to the GPU driver downloads page:

Nvidia GPU Drivers:

AMD GPU Drivers:

Intel GPU Drivers:


1.2 Adjust Image Settings With Preview


What you want to do here is to drag the slider all the way to the left “Performance” and then hit apply.


An image of the nvidia adjust image settings for csgo


1.3 Change Resolution


Select your native/default monitor resolution and also the highest refresh rate that your monitor supports.


An image of what resolution to use in nvidia for csgo


Note: Don’t go higher refresh rate than what your monitor supports.

You can make a custom resolution for CSGO. Let’s say you want to play on 1440×1080. Click on “customize” and do it in there(there are a ton of tutorials on this on youtube). When you are done, you will have the 1440×1080 option in CSGO video settings.

1.4 Adjust Desktop Color Settings


Increase the “Digital Vibrance” setting. This makes the game look more colorful and also makes it easier to spot enemies which is very important in CSGO. Use a setting that you feel comfortable with. Most of the pro players use anywhere between 70% – 100%. We at personally like having it on 100%.


Note: (It might take a while to get used to if you have been playing with 50% before).


An image of nvidia digital vibrance for csgo


1.5 Adjust Desktop Size And Position


Blackbars or Native resolution: Select “Aspect ratio” scaling option and then perform scaling on “GPU”. Hit apply.


An image of how to change to black bars and native resolution in csgo


Stretched resolution: Select “Full-screen” scaling option and then perform scaling on “GPU”. You also want to select “Override the scaling mode set by games and programs”. Hit apply.


An image of nvidia control panel that shows how to change to stretched resolution in csgo


1.6 Manage 3D Settings


Now we come to the fun part where we change our 3D settings. This guide is not about making our game look good. It is about making our game have the absolute best performance and the lowest input lag. These are the settings we want to use for that to happen:


Part 1 image of what nvidia 3d settings to have in csgo for best performance

Part 2 image of what nvidia 3d settings to use in csgo


Note: For some people “Shader Cache” ON can make their game stutter and vice versa. If for some reason your game stutters or doesn’t feel smooth. Try changing “Maximum pre-rendered frames” to 3 or application controlled and “Shader Cache” to OFF.

2. Windows Settings


2.1 Power Options


Go to windows “Search” and type “Power Options”. In here you want to select the “High Performance” plan.


An image that shows how to change to high performance in windows for csgo


2.2 Disable Xbox DVR (Windows 10)


Xbox DVR lowers the fps in csgo and other games so we want to disable it.


Go to windows “Search” and search for “Xbox”. Open the xbox app. Go to “Settings” and then “Xbox DVR” tab. Disable “Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR”


If you don’t have an Xbox account you can disable Xbox DVR with the “Registry Editor”. See the link below.


3. Mouse Settings


3.1 Disable Windows Acceleration


Windows does have acceleration and this is something we don’t want to have, especially when gaming. Go to windows “Search” and search for “Mouse”. In here you want to click on the “Pointer Options” tab.


To disable windows acceleration you need to untick “Enhance pointer precision” as shown in the image below.


An image that shows disable enhance pointer precision for csgo


Once again go to windows “Search” and search for “Ease of Access Center”, then click on “Make the mouse easier to use”, “Set up Mouse Keys” and drag the “Acceleration” slider all the way to the left, hit apply and ok.


An image that shows how to disable mouse acceleration in windows for csgo


MarkC mouse fix disables windows acceleration in the registry so here is a guide on how to do it.


Note: If you use raw_input 1 you don’t need MarkC mouse fix but it can be good if you are playing other games that doesn’t have raw_input 1.


1. Download MarkC mouse fix from here:


2. Go to “Search” and search for “display”, click on “Display Settings”. Check what screen scaling you have and remember that.


3. Open the MarkC fix folder and pick the right version of windows. Open and apply the right scaling file that you use. You’re done!


To check the mouse movements. Open up the mouse movement recorder file and move your mouse cursor left and right. If it shows green and white numbers. You’re all good.


3.2 DPI Settings And Polling Rate


When picking DPI settings you don’t want it to be too high because that can cause acceleration due to interpolation which is not good. In CSGO you want to use either 400 or 800 dpi.


To change DPI settings, open up your mouse software. If you have a zowie mouse for example, you can change the DPI by pressing the DPI switch underneath.


Change your mouse HZ/Polling rate to the highest it supports.


You want your mouse to use its native DPI. Google to find out what native dpi your mouse has. If you don’t know use either 400 or 800 DPI.


3.3 Sensitivity


We recommend you to use a low sensitivity because that will make you land more accurate shots. Try anything between 2 – 3.5 sensitivity.


3.4 Raw Input ON or OFF?


If you use raw_input 1 it takes the raw mouse data straight from the mouse instead of windows.


If you use raw_input 0 it takes the raw mouse data from windows instead of the mouse.

Try both and see which one you like the best. We recommend to use raw_input 1 for best accuracy.

4. CSGO Settings


4.1 Launch Options


We want our launch options to be clean and simple not 100 different commands. Too much stuff in your launch options will mess up your game with lower fps, input lag, mouse lag etc. We only need the most important commands.


Go to your steam library and right click on CSGO. Click on “Properties” and then “Set launch options”.


Recommended launch options: -console -novid -freq 144 -tickrate 128


“-console” opens the console when you launch the game

“-novid” Skips the valve intro when you launch the game

“-freq 144” or “-refresh 144” Monitor refresh rate. Use the highest your monitor supports.

“-tickrate 128” Makes offline servers 128 tick. Can be useful if you want to train your aim vs bots with 128 tick.


Additional launch options that can be useful for some:


“-nod3d9ex” Makes alt tab faster.

“-nojoy” Removes joystick support.

“+mat_queue_mode 2” Multi-threaded mode. For some people this can give a massive increase in fps and for some it can even lower their fps.


Launch options we recommend not to use:


“-threads X” where X is your amount of threads. Not your cores. Don’t use this anymore, it got patched a while ago. It can lower your fps if you use it.


“-high” Makes the game run in high priority. Don’t use this anymore. Even though it can give a slight fps increase, it will mess up your system more than it will help.

4.2 Autoexec

We have made an Autoexec tutorial with recommended settings here: If you stutter and have fps lag, try adding r_dynamic 0 to your autoexec.

4.3 Config

How to find, compare and add a config file here:


4.4 Video Settings


Start up your game and go to options and then “Video settings”.


Choose what resolution you want to play with. I like 1024×768 stretched because of the wider player models as well as the increase in fps.


“Global Shadow Quality” is set to “High” which makes it easier to spot shadows further away. If you have it on “Very Low” you will still see shadows but not that far though. If you feel like you don’t need to see shadows further away and instead prefer more fps, choose “Very Low”.


An image that shows the best video settings for csgo


4.5 Audio Settings


Go to options and then “Audio settings”.

Turn off all music so that you can hear what is happening in game.


An image of the best audio settings for csgo


The next thing you wanna do is to go to windows “Search” and search for “Sound”. Select your headphones under the “Playback” tab and click on “Properties”. In here you want to go to the “Advanced” tab and change the “Default Format” to “2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality).


An image of the windows audio options format for csgo


Reasons for using this:


CSGO is made in Source Engine which uses 16 bit 44100 Hz.


All sounds in CSGO are 16 bit 44100 Hz.


Having it on this setting will get the lowest CPU usage and will not make the sound quality worse.

Update your Audio Drivers:


If you have really old audio drivers you should consider updating them. Some people with really old drivers have actually gotten a 100 – 200 fps increase by updating them.

5. More Tweaks


There are more tweaks you can do.


Check your PC for viruses.

Updating drivers can give an increase in fps, especially if you have very old drivers.

Install CSGO on SSD. Makes it faster to load maps.

We hope this was helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.